Dry Shampoo – You have to try this!

Ladies you know I vouch for high-quality products when it comes to anything to do with your hair so I’m taking this moment to rave about my latest pick. I’ve talked about my fave line of Oribe styling products before because they offer a variety of products from nourishing oils to dry texture spray. Well today, I wanted to focus on the Oribe’s dry texture spray.

Dry shampoo has made it’s way into many women’s beauty regime because let’s face it, washing your hair day in and day out can be such a chore, I get it. I know y’all would loove to have me in your home to wash it for you but I can’t be in a million places at once. Thing about dry shampoo is that many types leave a residue, an obvious give away to the beauty hack of not having to wash your hair daily.

For this problem, I suggest you trying Oribe’s dry texture spray because it’s an alternative that is invisible. With it’s patented polymers, Oribe’s dry texture spray can be used as a second day fix because it absorbs oil at the roots (no residue) and gives you the same volume and style after a visit to me at the salon.
Oribe’s dry texture spray is a super versatile product because it can be used as a texturing spray before blow drying.It can also be used texturizing spray for curly hair, straight hair, thick hair, thin hair, coloured hair, virgin hair — really if it’s applied to hair: it’s going to do wonders, Zahra’s guarantee.

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